Tuesday 6 December 2016

WOYWW # 392

Wednesday is once again here and it is time to head over to Julia's blog to join in the worlds largest desk hope. If this is your first time hit the link below and see what it is all about and sign in to Mr. Linky and see what everyone has been up to. 

The last week has been so busy and had a great surprise on Saturday as my DH had four days off work and came home for a little visit. It was a great treat as we had a family sit down supper with everyone home which never seems to happen much.... what a great evening it was. Well it is a tad cold lately here and today it is suppose to get to -31 and with wind chill should feel like -38 YIKES!
Hot chocolate day and cuddling up with my dogs.

Okay enough about the weather and to my desk....

I am finishing up the Christmas mini album and am making a little extra envelope style to hold a few extra photo mats. I am hoping to have it done by tonight and move on to a sisters handmade Christmas gift which i will not be able to post for some time but I am on a time crunch as it has to get into the mail soon to get to her in time. I did finish last week the 4 mini albums I was building and they are put now in a mini album pile ready to decorate..... easy to grab, go and decorate. In the right hand corner is the mini albums I made some time back. I have a small snowmen collection and you can see a Tim Horton's season paper cup my daughter grabbed me from her work......holding a few glue bottles upside down for me. Now my family would say my collection of snowmen isn't small at all, as they are in every corner of my house and can only buy one each year now..... surprising I haven't purchased one yet. That's all for me I am going to hop around to see what everyone has been up to. Also just wanted to say thank you to everyone whom visited and commented last week.

Have a wonderful day!
Hugs ~ Anne 😉


  1. sounds like you have had a fun, if cold week! it's going to be unseasonably mild here in parts of the UK for a few days. Very odd. Helen #1

  2. Pretty albums your working on and that's too cold I like that my flowers are still blooming it's just starting to get cold where some are finally dying back. -6 is as low as we go this week stay warm hugs Nikki

  3. You have done really well to finish all those albums. Best of luck finishing the gift for your sister.
    sandra de @9

  4. Your album looks lovely. I still have lots to get finished- same every year! That is verrrrrrry cold!!! Quite warm here , I would like it cold and crisp for Christmas!!! Enjoy your hot chocolate. Anne x #16

  5. Well, one thing I must say is I do not envy you that cold cold weather. It is a definite YIKES at that temperature. I would not go outside for anything. Cuddling up with your dogs wounds wonderful to me as does the lovely surprise you had when DH came home.
    There are some lovely makes on your desk - keep warm and craft.
    Hugs, Neet 2 xx

  6. OMG -38 degrees! I would never want to leave the house! Cuddling up with the dogs sounds lovely - I would be quite content just to do that! Looks like you kept yourself busy though! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa #17

  7. Super albums, I resorted to bought cards with added sparkle as I had a much more pressing experience this week..... BJ#20

  8. Glad you got to have a lovely visit with your husband. Must be hard when he is away so much. Your desk looks very neat and productive. Love the mini-album!

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #21

  9. Love those mini photo albums! I also have a collection of snowmen, but I haven't bought one recently -maybe I should! Thanks for sharing Lindart #26

  10. Oh my life, at that temperature I'm pretty sure even the dogs aren't too keen to go out! definitely a home day! I love that you're a snowman gal, but it is dangerous to admit to a collection, people add to it for you to an overwhelming amount! that said, I love the cup from DDs cheery! Happy that you got some DD time too, how great.

  11. What neat little albums you are making. Pretty papers. Also, hot chocolate is sounding good here. Supposed to be very cold here tomorrow. Happy WOYWW! #24

  12. When I first read how cold it was I saw the numbers and thought BRRR but then saw the "-" signs. What?! Now that's cold!! Great job on finishing all those mini albums. I haven't even started on my gifts yet. I've got to get into full gear now. LOL. I sent you an email re: the win but didn't hear back. My email is doorknocker3@yahoo if you want to send me a message and I can give you my mailing address. Thanks!!

  13. Oooh - proper cold! Love it.... much better than the grey, wet, miserable drizzle we have here. :-(

    I love snowmen too - I will have to share my little ornaments on the next blog hop!

    Morti @10