Tuesday 23 August 2016

WOYWW #377

 Well boy has time really flowing by for me and I am back from a short break for WOYWW. Head over to our wonderful Julia's site who created all this amazing desk hopping.

Let me start out by saying my husband and I decided to go on a 9 day trip to Kelowna, British Columbia to visit his family, flight was booked and we where off in less then 24 hours the last week of July til til first week of August. It was just a vacation for the two of us and left our children at home but let me say their 20, 18 and almost 17 now and ground rules where laid down firm. We have great girls to.......and they where all fine and so house.

So what have I been up to lately......

Here is an over look of my work space and yes it has been all tidied and cleaned up as my oldest daughter spilled her coffee and it seemly went over both tables and at that time you could not see either table as it has been a dumping ground with things I have purchased and been making. I am glad to say after a month I have put it all away.

Here is a close up of my new Happy Planner I picked up and right beside it is a large pile of printed stickers. I do not have my Cricut hocked up to the craft room so I am fussy cutting them all out and yes it seems crazy to print out so many at once but we are using my husbands printer due to all the colour cartridges he has for his.......he thought he needed colour but not as many as he goes though black so much more with all the documents at work. So bonus for me I have only used one full one and have so many more to go.

Here is the other table with the album in the top I just have to put a few photo matts in and decorate the cover. The pen and glue runner is for my dear sister in law Josie who loved the album when they came for a visit in earlier July. So I am going to finish it all up and send it in the mail soon. The album is a new one I made as soon as we got back from vacation just had to play with paper and glue as it had been so long. I am just adding the photo mats and a bit of decorating and this one will be done. 

Also I did finish another one of my summer layouts for the local stores challenge and 6 left to do by the end of August....not sure I will make it but I am loving the ones I have made and have a few others on the go but did loss a few things due to the coffee spill and it really isn't to noticeable on this layout as I did my best to clean it up.

Just want to say thank you to everyone who is visiting and leaves me such wonderful comments as it trully brightens my day.  I am going to try my best today to hop around to as many desks as I can before we leave to Edmonton as my husband and I are taking his brother for heart surgery as it is a drive to get there and he has to be there for Thursday early morning. We're back to Friday afternoon and then we are leaving next week down to Calgary for business meeting for his company. So I will do my best to get around and to everyone have a fantastic week.

Hugs ~Anne 😎


  1. Very tidy space all set up with your space all set up in stations to create :) and LOTS OF FUSSY cutting coming your way well worth it when your done I'm sure your albums look fantastic have fun creating them and enjoy your trip safe travels
    Hugs Nikki

    1. PS that Layout is so kewl looking with those retro pictures on them too

  2. great work on your desk, and good luck with all that cutting! hope the surgery goes well for your brother-in-law. Helen #1

  3. Gosh you are busy! Hope your bil has a successful and safe surgery.
    Lucky you having an other half with such a fabulous printer - great results for you to play around with. Enjoy!
    Hugs, Neet 11 xx

  4. Happy WOYWW. You are certainly doing a lot of travelling at the moment, but still finding time to create fabulous LOs too. Best wishes to your BIL for his surgery. I love your craft room - you have similar tables to me. I want another one! Ali x #12

  5. Am loving that album..great LO too. Elaine no 15

  6. I bet the kids loved having the house to themselves and I bet you enjoyed the holiday without the kids! I'm looking forward to the day when we can do the same! I cannot tell you how much I love that summer layout - it makes me want to get back to scrapbooking! Have a lovely week! zsuzsa #21

  7. You have a wonderful space! Wow! An I absolutely love your fabulous lay out! I am a scrapper, too. Thanks for the peek, and have a great week! #33

  8. You have a wonderful space! Wow! An I absolutely love your fabulous lay out! I am a scrapper, too. Thanks for the peek, and have a great week! #33

  9. Your space is great. I love the summer layout, the waves and rays really make it pop.
    Chris P #26

  10. It's a great work area you have with plenty of surface to work on. The album looks interesting, maybe we will get to see more of it soon. Thanks for the visit to mine and wishing you a great woyww, Angela x 16

  11. Your work room is amazing! Great layout too. Dorlene #36

  12. I love your little album and the LO is super, bold and bright. Thanks for visiting me BJ#24

  13. Love your workspace - so neat and tidy at the mo! Great storage too. I need to sort my stuff out I think!!!

    Morti #42

  14. Wow Anne, tidy and productive.. very impressive! Glad you had a lovely getaway. The floral papers on that album are seem to work quite quickly once you get to it!

  15. Oh such a calm, well ordered work space there Anne!

  16. Lots going on on your desk, Anne, and well done with the organising! Join the club.... I feel so much better for having done it! Thank you for your visit and your nice comment. I hope you manage to get your storage boxes unpacked OK - not a job to look forward to, but great satisfaction when it's done!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #27