Tuesday 21 June 2016

WOYWW #368

Head over to our wonderful Lady Jen blog for more information and to join as she is running it while darling Julia is recovering from her surgery. It is so great to travel the world via Internet and see what  so many creative spaces and artists.

It is Wednesday and it is time to have a quick glimpse at my desk with things I have been doing. I would of liked to have finished more this weekend but things happened and didn't have the crafting days I wanted. But I guess that does happen......... 

Here is me my new challenge layout I am working on for the local scrapbook store. As soon as I saw the  ephemera and paper I thought of a T.V playing video games. So I wasn't sure how the television should look and decided to draw one out using a light wood grain paper like back in the day. I did fussy cut out from the scrap paper a few robots to fill in the empty space. You can see my hand made template in the left corner. The black letters I am using for the title which I haven't decided on yet but  I need to get done before the end of the month. As soon as I have finished I will post the completed layout. 

Here is the other table I have been working at or bringing up the paper to sit at the kitchen table to be closer to the puppy and the back door until he is better house trained. I went to Micaels and picked up  another large photo case holder to I could hold all the little pieces ready to use. in the right corner I have started stamping out and cutting a few sets of the Tim Hotlz mini bird set for my sister not sure I will have enough time to finish it before Canada post strikes crossing fingers they don't. I am glad my sister birthday parcel arrived as it isn't late but excited she got it as it has been eight years since we last where in the same room together, but glad she liked everything. To the right is the pile of paper I still plan to fussy cut out. 

I did finish something this week these paper camera paper clips which where cut out on my Cricut some time ago and found them in my to finish bin I forgot about. So I glued them to paper clips and added them into my mini album book I made just after last year from a tutorial on line from a video on you tube (couldn't find the video to in how to make the book will look it down if anyone wants to make one for themselves) will still look for it but I can hear a thunder storm rolling in again and had problems last week with the rain storms we had losing internet at times. 

Want to also say thank you to everyone who visited and commented last week. Have a spectacular week everyone and thank you for stopping to take a peek.
Hugs ~Anne 😋


  1. the tv looks great! hope you get your sister's bits and pieces get off before the strike.. Helen #1

  2. I like the shape of your tv and you could use "time well wasted" "time to take over the world" "kicking some zombie azz" "pong rules"
    Are those real the little circles with pictures in it or are they handmade
    Umm did you get every colour of those Heidi swapp inks lol
    Like your handmade paperclips look good
    Hugs Nikki
    Thanks for all the wonderful new goodies too

  3. Your camera clips are so cute, I am thinking I might just want to case them! xoxoxox Donna #4

  4. You say you would have liked to have finished more this weekend - think you achieved quite a lot so should be pleased with yourself. The little camera clips look great - what a lovely idea.
    I am playing detective here, maybe I read too many crime thrillers but are you the sister of your second commenter?
    Hugs, Neet 5 xx

  5. As soon as I saw your desk, I thought that it looked like w vintage to was taking shape there! That wood grain paper is a great choice. I like the little cameras too! You seem to have fitted quite a lot into your quieter week 😃😃
    Hugs, LLJ xxxx

  6. Hi there I think you managed to get a lot done :-) love the camera clips. Anne x #20

  7. Cool looking desk and WIP

    Happy WOYWW


  8. Love the TV scrappage. Happy WOYWW BJ#24

  9. I'm loving the look of the TV layout.. will be great to see it finished. I also love those little camera clips too.. great job. Elaine No. 25

  10. I love the TV layout. Thanks for sharing your space! Glenda #32

  11. Cute camera paper clips and great beginnings of a TV layout. Best of luck with your postal strike.
    sandra de @18

  12. Your desks look wonderfully tidy. I love the camera paper clips. Very cute.

    Have a great week
    Sharon K #37

  13. Love the camera clips and all the colours you have used
    Bridget #9

  14. What a lovely creative looking desk, love the camera clips....very cute.

  15. Your desk is very nice and that tv is adorable. I love those little camera clips. I think I have that cricut shape because it looks familiar LOL. Dorlene #48

  16. Neat, yet busy desk! Thanks for stopping by mine earlier and sorry it took me a while to get back!