Tuesday 19 April 2016

WOYWW #359

Happy WOYWW to does feel like time is flying by and it really doesn't feel like 7 days since I last posted. So I haven't been crafting at all but reorganising and getting rid of clutter in my house but I did get a few things done in my studio. 

I forgot to take a picture of how I did store my scrap papers but they where in those large Ziploc bags that hold 12x12 paper and where busting full and I found a video on line but forgot exactly which ones I watched and took ideas from a few. Here is the picture of the box I had it stored in before full oof the paper I have decided to recycle.

Oh not the best picture but this is my new storage they are the large legal size plastic file holders from Staples. I have them divided by colour and the last one is special paper and season paper. Hoping this one works better as I can only hold so much in each one.


I made little 1/2 inch  according flaps for each one hence the limit of what I can have now. And I used my Stampin' Up tab punch which fits to know what is in each folder. My room stayed clean as I did this in the living room while watching T.V. To  pass the time.

Also I have changed my storage for my thin wafer dies which are now in a 6x6 album placed on scraps of magnet sheets. I did have to extend the posts as I wanted them all in one book as I have not a lot and the dies with matching stamps are in there to.

Well after super my darling sister texts me to say did a parcel arrive for me as she was hoping my birthday gift had been delivered as it said it was on tracking, so a quick walk down to the mail box and yup it was there and to arrive on my birthday was so perfect to add to my day. 

Here is everything she sent me ribbon red and white, planner stickers, Christmas embellishments, embossing powder from here stash in the plastic little bags, stamps to borrow for awhile( we do this mail them to change up our stash for a while),  Chapstick  (minion lol I love those little guys)tea, live savers (I need those :P ) the hand made card with the girl dressed like a flower and the t-shirt which she thought would make me smile and it did I love it. The best thing is our home made gift we do for birthdays and Christmas which is the mini album she has made and taken such love in it of all her mini decorated pages. I just took a few pics of some pages which our posted below and I picked up a few mini inks from Michael's  craft store with the 60 percent off coupon....took my girls so I could use more then one on all the sets. Oh before I forget my middle daughter made me the blue card for my birthday which she spent hours on making me while keeping me from my studio last night (she did a great job on making it and I love it) 

Well I am also wanting to say thank you to ever who comment last week and visited, I enjoyed everyone's  nice comments. I still have a week til I draw for my birthday giveaway candy and if you make a comment on last weeks posts and leave a comment I will add your name for the goodies and is open worldwide. 

Okay I am off as it is Tuesday night and going back to check the forest fire reports for northern Alberta and British Columbia as my loving husband is working and the fires are not super close but close enough the winds have died down which I pray for everyone out there they stay safe. 

Hugs ~Anne 


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Glad it showed up when it was suppose and no waiting to open it up glad you enjoyed everything. Holy crap that's a lot of scraps no wonder you hid it under your desk lol you didn't want to see it lol hugs Nikki

  2. Happy Birthday, and a lovely pile of goodies for sure.. You have been very busy with your tidying and de-cluttering (a word that strikes fear in my heart, as it is much overdue here!) Helen #1

  3. Must have been a tidying up week for most deskers this week. Love your pages, the fairy one is my favourite. We have much cooler weather now so its more comfortable which is a godsend, its been a hot horrid summer this year
    Bridget #2

  4. Happy Birthday Anne. Jill #5

  5. It's great to find a storage system to suit our needs isn't it? Love the mini album what a super gift.
    BJ was #4, then #16 finally #17 but may end up as #15 if my incorrect links are removed!

  6. Happy B-day!! What a lovely packet you got from your sister, and how great you're a crafting family, with your sister and daughter whom by the way made a very lovely card. The mini album is awesome.And you're so organised. happy WOYWW from Vicky #10

  7. Lol!! Love th gift your sister sent, especially the t shirt!!! Hope you have fun playing with it all. Well done on the scraps reorganisation too, you'll know where everything is now 😃
    Hugs, LLJ 14 xx

  8. Happy birthday and what a lovely gift from your sister. The paper organising system is amazing you have everything at your fingertips.
    sandra de @11

  9. Lovely birthday gift - and that T-shirt!! I really should get one that is me to a T. Great organisation, I have lots of folders for my scraps - but now you have to remember to go to the scrap box and not just cut another sheet of card!! I am slowly die cutting a lot of my scrap into flower shapes - if nothing else I can donate them to various kids for playing. Happy Birthday!! Happy Wednesday, Cindy #29

  10. Some amazing ideas.. I love to see organisation tips. Thanks for sharing. Elaine no. 24

  11. Happy birthday, what fab gifts. Love your storage. Take care Zo xx 35

  12. Hi Anne, lovely cards, and what a fabulous stash for your birthday. Hope you had a lovely day. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #8 xxx

  13. wonderfully kind of your sister nice to be spilt must say I love all your new sorting/ storing methods will make it all much easier well done! and a very happy birthday!
    Thanks so much for sharing.(please don't add me in candy draw - ta muchly! :D)
    Happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz.x # 34

    {Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

  14. Happy Birthday and glad your gift arrived on the day. The mini album looks lovely. What a lovely idea that you make them for each other. I really like your tee shirt and greatly impressed by the way you have organised your stuff. Could do with a visit from you to sort me out! Now that would give you a headache. Stay safe. Barbx #26

  15. What a wonderful gift! So lucky.

    Love all your organisation ideas. Sadly I am not that organised. I try, but I get distracted lol.

    Have a great week
    Sharon K #49

  16. Happy happy birthday. I was very interested in your organizing of scraps. I don't have scraps, I have collage materials ... LOL no matter what you call it a rose is a rose is a possible embellishment.
    Thanks for sharing
    ENJOY Pat #67